About Me

I’m / I’d / I’ll
happy when fed / not be where I am without my parents / drink to that

I prefer…

I would bring…
The party / my camera

I drink…
Dr. Pepper / Mojito / Ice cold water

My name is Josh Pedersen. I am a designer by birth, and by trade, specializing in print and digital fields. I am a typography enthusiast, event aficionado, camera junkie, chronic googler, and am never more than a few inches away from something with an Apple logo.

I am an avid globe-trotting culture vulture. I was born and raised in Saint George, Utah and am proud to call it my home. There is something unbelievably majestic about Southern Utah that I have never found anywhere else. I am currently living in Seattle, Washington and loving it more and more each day.

Traveling has become a sport in my life — a thirst for knowledge, experience, and making friends across the world has crafted me into who I am today. I am infinitely grateful for everything that has lined up the way it has. As I continue to travel, I make friends who I consider my best souvenirs. I have revisited many of my favorite cities and stayed with them, making visiting that city that much more enjoyable.

I have now traveled over 29 countries, explored 92 cities, and flown over 309,700 miles. I value friendships more than everything. Without friends I would be nothing. I also love technology. I started crafting an unexpected career while finishing up my Bachelors degree in Business/Visual Technologies helping other people and companies with their pursuits. Social platforms and design are the way we communicate with people across the entire world.

I don’t take myself seriously, because even if you think you have control of everything, you never know who you could meet or what you could encounter. So have a laugh, have a drink, make a friend, and do what makes you happy– After all, isn’t that what we all want anyway?


• Teaching engaging design
• Creating meaningful relationships
• Learning something new every day

Adobe Illustrator + InDesign
Doing Laundry
Video Editing / Photography
Executive Assistant


With 26 years under the belt, I only sometimes buy shoes with velcro.

busybusy.com – Caterpillar

Lead content creator for all social platforms, web and print. Worked directly with CEO and Director of Marketing and Sales to create visuals for multiple events, documents, publications, trade shows, internal programs, and social media.

Professor – Dixie State University

Instructed and delivered real world, relevant information for courses in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Specialized in color and typography. Developed assessments, and provided engaging positive feedback for students.

Brand Influencer

Contracted brand influencer for multiple companies. Currently working on professional projects with Brooks Brothers and Patagonia.


Learned everything I possibly could while working at Marriott. Roles ranging from front desk guest relations, to concierge and Executive Assistant to Events Director. I was constantly helping improve processes and make Marriott a fun place to work. Absolutely brilliant company.

Social Managing / Web Design

Expert in social media, intellectual property crafting, branding, logo creation.  Biggest project being IndioParky – a foundation that empowers youth around the world, specifically Tanzania, Africa, to take learning into their own hands.

Restoration Hardware

Interior Design Consultant turning clients visions into realities while in gallery and in homes. Providing best in class customer experiences and tailoring to specific needs. Continually thinking outside the box to cater to delight clients and give extensive product knowledge.

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